41c,  2020, video-installation on house wall 

Over the course of a couple of weeks, details about the life across the street, which were observable from a balcony, were recorded inside a small notebook. The contents of this notebook were then shown as a video installation on a house wall and the residents of the observed house were formally invited.

Hausflur 34. (Staircase 34.), 2021, videos through the peephole, film-stills 

While observations across the street are always two-directional, looking through the door viewer keeps the observer anonymous and the observed ignorant. The camera follows the eyes from inside the apartment out into the staircase where noises announce the presence of someone else.

Vertriebene (Displaced people), 2020, found objects left behind by the unsheltered, exhibited in a former drunk tank 

Property and home are two of the most self-evident things for most people, but both are blurred categories for the unsheltered. In a former drunk tank found objects that float between possession and garbage are exhibited and misappropriated for the art context.

Born Germany Aachen (1997)
Lives and works in Stuttgart

since 2016 Bachelor of Fine Arts; Fine Arts, English, Philosophy
2016-2017 Prof. Opiolka 
since 2017 Prof. Susanne Windelen 


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