these antithese synthese, 2020, flour, table, chairs

Ate (Ἄτη), 2020, analog collage series, 20x30cm


untitled, 2021, clay

Born 1991 in Athens, Greece
Lives and works in Stuttgart, Germany
Contact: evag.ntouni@gmail.com, instagram:

2017-now State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart, Dipl. Fine Arts, classes of Prof. Volker Lehnert, Prof. Susanne Windelen
2015 T.E.I. of Patras, Greece, Dipl. In Restauration and Renovation of historical Buildings

2019 inter!m – Festival, Ehingen (Donau), DE
2019 MANUAL LABOR, HuMBase, Stuttgart, DE
2019 Performance Tryouts VII, Stuttgarter Filmwinter, Kunstbezirk Stuttgart, DE
2018 Workspace Installation, 28e Open Space, Stuttgart, DE


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